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Analytical research paper

An analytical research paper is not an easy task. No research paper can ever be described as easy but when it is an analytical one then the heat is really on. You have to perform a number of tasks which include the following.

  • create a thesis statement
  • collect research material
  • re-write or delete whatever is irrelevant
  • write so as to prove your point
  • be exact to the nth degree in citing your references
  • proofread your research paper within an inch of its life

Check with your professor first

This is one specific area in which so many students make mistakes. They assume they know what is required. Making assumptions is filled with so much disaster. Obviously there will be some written material from their professor or tutor and so many assume that reading the material is all that needs to be done. Nothing could be further from the truth.

You almost need to be a nuisance by asking perhaps even too many questions of the academic who has asked you to produce this analytical research paper. Do not begin the task until you are absolutely rock solid in knowing what is required. Things like the number of words, whether your title is approved, the format in which the research paper is to be delivered and obviously the deadline by which it must be handed in. All of these things are on a check list which has to be gone through carefully well before any research and writing is undertaken. Preparation is the key. If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.

Regarding the analytical research paper, only when you are completely satisfied that you clearly understand what is required and when, can you proceed. It costs nothing to visit your supervisor and ask questions. He or she will welcome any student who wants to ensure they get it right. Supervisors appreciate students who take care in what they write in their research papers and particularly with analytical essays.

Double check the question

Here again is another area where many students fall down. They get the number of words right, they use the conventional structure, they follow the format required by the college and they proofread their finished product in a professional way. But shock and horror, the score they get for their research paper is much less than what they expected. Why is this so? Well that’s easy to answer. It’s because they didn't double check the question being asked. You must answer the question being asked. Writing a brilliant research paper which doesn't address the topic or answer the question being asked causes you to fail or certainly to get a lower mark than expected. This is why many students are used to look for research papers for sale.

Understand the basic premise of an analytical research paper. You will be asked to make an analysis. To that end you must know what is being analysed. You must come up with an opinion in your analysis and you must be able to substantiate any claim or claims you make. This requires you to read widely. You will be able to prove your reading and research has been thorough and widespread in the material you provide in your research paper.

It’s not just the way you write. It’s the way you write the content of your research paper. Your preparation is on display the moment you hand over your completed work.

Starting a research paper is always the same. Ask questions and be absolutely sure of all that is required before you begin. Making plans and an outline come well before the research and writing. The better your preparation, the better will be your research paper.


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