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A Manual For Composing A Research Paper Introduction And Methodology

A paper’s introduction should set up your paper and the methodology is the investigation and analysis of all methods applied to the division of the paper’s study. Both are very important components to the effectiveness of a paper.

The Introduction

  • Needs to grab your audience’s attention quickly
  • Needs to be free of all errors
  • It should have a thesis statement with main points
  • The thesis can be presented in one sentence or several sentences and it can go any where you want in the introduction
  • The main points should be strong and able to be supported with credible research
  • You need to provide background information about your topic
  • You need an attention getter or a hook such as a quote, story, fact, or statistic

The Methodology

  • This is another piece of the composition
  • It determines if your paper can be deemed credible and the results valid
  • It proves you successfully used the scientific method
  • It answers how did you analyze the date you gathered
  • And it also answers the question how did you gather or create the data
  • Your audience should be able to determine if your results are correct
  • Another person should be able to take everything you used and then recreate with your methods with the exact same results
  • Include the rationale for your experiments and your procedures
  • Explain all your procedures for the collection of your data
  • Describe any equipment you may have used

General Rules

  • There are some rules that apply to both sections that you need to be sure to follow. These rules would also need to be observed in the rest of the paper as well.
  • Use formal language
  • Know whether the essay is to be in APA or MLA style format
  • Make sure to cite your sources
  • Always have a reference page
  • Write in third person and the proper tense (this is a teacher call, but will be past tense for most scientific papers)
  • Double space
  • Use size 12 font that is very plain such as Arial
  • Have half inch margins on the top, bottom, and the sides
  • Have either a first page heading or title page depending on the format
  • Use credible and valid sources and databases

As you prepare to work on your introduction and methodology section, use this guide to make sure it is easy to do and that the results are perfect.


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