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How to Write an Amazing Research Paper in One Week

Research papers are assignments that develop critical reading, exploratory, and writing skills. Students need lots of time to prepare an amazing research paper. Nevertheless, if you have one week left before the deadline, you can still adequately describe your ideas and write a comprehensive text. All you need to do is to follow a certain strategy. The suggestions below will help you to produce a research paper within a week and receive high grades for it.

  • Day 1: Select the Topic and Prepare the Working Plan
  • You do not have that much time to choose the topic. Spend several hours and read some background information. Write down several topics; pick the one you are most interested in. Then, consult your supervisor and find out if the chosen topic is appropriate.

    Once you have determined the topic, start developing a research plan. It should include the list of resources you want to use. Go to a library and look through books, articles, and other resources. It is a good idea to borrow the books and skim over them at home.

  • Day 2: Work with the Sources
  • It is better to read the books first and then study the news, articles, etc. Take notes and cite the sources at the same time. Everything becomes faster when you do not have to rake over the literature, trying to figure out where the quote you want to use comes from.

    At the end of the day, arrange the notes and write an outline of the paper. You will have a plan, and you will write faster on the next day. Just mention the key elements and compose a draft. Do not try to write a perfect outline. It will simply help you remember all the details and give you a sense of what goes next.

  • Days 3-6: Write Your Research Paper
  • Make sure you understand the type of paper you are working on, and write a strong introduction with a thesis statement. Mention why the subject is important to study and provide some catchy details. Use three or four paragraphs to state your arguments, additional details, and explanations. It is better to cite while you write, and try to use the right format from the very beginning. Summarize the information provided and describe the main findings of the research in the conclusion.

  • Day 7: Revise the Result
  • It’s better to reserve the last day for revision. Polish the text, check the formatting, and correct errors or misprints. Then, print the paper and submit it before the deadline.


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