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15 Unstudied History Term Paper Topics

The idea behind writing a Hiistory Term paper is not to see how many facts you have retained from your History class, but to gauge your research and writing skills. Unless specified you do not have to write your History Term paper about a topic that you have covered in class, you could look for a suitable topic that you have not studied. If you choose to to this there are some rules to follow:

  • Choose a topic that you are interested in.
  • Start off with a general search on the topic, them narrow it down to clarify the research question that will be the focus of your paper.
  • Plan you research based on the focus of your topic. Evaluate your resources, data and results.
  • Plan, outline and organise your paper. Don't forget to cite your sources.

Remember that if your topic is too narrow you may not be able to find sufficent evidence for your paper and if you have taken a very broad view of your topic it may be too big.


  1. A Revolution. Look at it from a different point of view or an angle that has not been covered before.
  2. Choose an historical figure. Find out an aspect of their life that has not been covered before, such as an indepth look into their education and how it compared to their peers.
  3. Choose an historical figure. Look at their life from the point of view of their best friend.
  4. Choose a religion. Look at the comparisons to other major religions.
  5. Choose a minor religon that has been formed by breaking away from a major religion. Historically what were the reasons behind this break.
  6. Relating History to present day. Pick an aspect of modern life and make a comparison (social behaviour during the Regency period in comparison to today).
  7. Inter-disciplinary. Look at the general social changes in older people in comparison to 50 years ago.
  8. How history has changed people's attitude to preventative medicine.
  9. Fashion. Research fashion during the Victorian era (a different outfit for a different activity) in comparison to today (multi-functional wardrobe).
  10. Food Technology. Check out historically what was we were cooking 100 years ago compared to today.
  11. History of reading for pleasure. Take look at the literature available in during Jane Austen's time and the impact it had on its readers.
  12. Queen Elizabeth I. Interesting era for the monachy and politically, what about for the beauty products that were used? What were the influences?
  13. History of labour saving devices in the home. Do we really have more spare time or do we just spend more time using machines?
  14. History of nursery rhymes. How they have evolved through historical events.
  15. Witches or enlightened healers? How? What? And Why?

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