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A List Of The Most Popular Medical Research Paper Topics

There are many topics you can write about when you are talking about medical research. The subject is so broad that you must narrow it down in order to choose what you want to write about. Medical research can mean so many different things. You need to narrow down your field a little in order to be able to choose a topic effectively. Once you have narrowed down your field you can begin to research and decide which topic interests you the most and what you want to write about. Here is a list of some of the popular topics that you can choose from:

  • Diseases – There are literally thousands of diseases that you can choose from. Within these diseases there are great topics that can be researched and written about.
  • Alternative Medicine – This is another broad topic that can be very interesting. There is a whole world of medicine that doctors don’t necessarily agree with but can actually help you stay healthy. Learning about these methods can change a person’s life and would be very interesting to write about.
  • Health Care Ethics – There is so much controversy in the medical field today that you can find plenty of ethical questions to write about.
  • Right to Life Issues – This can be anything from abortion to euthanasia. This broad topic is extremely controversial and can bring out some very strong feelings in the person that writes about it as well as the person who reads it.
  • How politics controls our health care – How much does politics control what medicines get released for public use?
  • Medical Treatments – There are many different treatments for many different diseases. Some of them are very extreme and some are only available in other countries. This can be very interesting as well as emotional.
  • Pharmaceutical Companies – Medicine is extremely controversial because of how much it can help people but how it may only be available in certain parts of the world. How have the drug companies controlled the spread of disease in the world?
  • Health Care – Reform is necessary so everyone gets medical treatment. Is it right that only the rich people can afford to stay healthy and get quality health care?

Find a topic that you can be passionate about and you may find out that you can even make a difference in the people who read your paper.


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