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Learning Important Things: High School Research Paper Format

Writing a research paper in high school includes understanding basic formatting elements. This information may vary depending on what your instructor expects from you. To ensure you are on the right track you can obtain example research papers and study the format presented. In the end you focus on how you present your information to a reading audience. It should be easy to read, follow good structure and details should be organized efficiently. The follow points offer more insight on what you should know regarding high school research paper format.

  • Study sample research papers to understand differences in format styles. Some students may be required to follow MLA while others use APA.

  • You can create an outline that will organize your paper as you write it. You can have basic information present in a specific order such as talking points. As you collect data you will include this information. For example you may have your topic selection at the top of the page, followed by your question or thesis statement, then list what you already know about the topic and commonly asked questions that will help you write the paper (who, what, when, where, and why).

  • Your outline will also break up your paper into smaller parts to help you format your content. For instance, you will have headings and subheadings including the introduction, body or background information with several points you will provide evidence for, and your conclusion.

  • You may have specific instructions on how to cite your sources. This is important to reduce plagiarism. You need to make sure sources are cited correctly to get proper credit for your work. You will be expected to provide details including the name or title of the source, year it was published, edition and who wrote or authored the content. This may be known as works cited and you would have a separate page detailing this information that is at the end of your research paper.

  • The first page of your research paper may follow a certain format if you are not required to have a cover page. For example, at the top of the page you may need to create a foot header for your name and page number. This information may appear at the top right of the page. Underneath on the left side double spaced would be your name, date, instructor name and course name. Then your work will follow underneath with the title centered.

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