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How to write an introduction for a research paper - 2 examples

Of course a research paper can be on a variety of topics from a variety of subjects and it's always important to distinguish between different topics. For example if you are writing a humanities research paper you use the inverted pyramid approach with your introduction where you begin writing with generalized notions and work down to the apex which is the more specific point. If you are writing a scientific research paper then your introduction will begin by discussing the importance of your paper, your methodology and how this methodology will meet the objectives of your paper.

Some people argue that you can be too abrupt when you start the introduction of your research paper. Rather that you should provide some sort of supporting information about your choice of topic. Here is an example of one such introduction beginning.

During the last century, scientists have changed their belief system in a dramatic way as far as their belief about life on other planets is concerned.

The thesis statement is still your most important statement

Generally speaking you should aim to place your thesis statement towards the end of your introduction. You have lead into your thesis statement by providing introductory or background information. From the suggested example of an opening sentence listed above, you could eventually arrive at your thesis statement and an example of this is as follows.

In recent times the newly discovered planet HFG 213 may very well answer the question about life in the universe apart from here on Earth.

Every aspect of your research paper is important with the introduction being an essential part of your armoury. You can spend a great deal of time simply on getting the introduction correct. If you believe your opening sentence is not arresting or if it is not leading easily into your thesis statement, then rewrite it. Remember that the opening sentence is the one which leaves a lasting impression.

And this too is the case with your thesis statement. Does it clearly state the goal of your research paper? Is it expressed in as few words as possible? Remember that everything which follows the introduction, namely the main body of your research paper and its conclusion, should all follow naturally from your introduction. It is the warm-up act of the main part of your paper. Get your introduction right and the rest of your writing can only be better.


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