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5 Basic Hints For Creating A Research Paper Outline

The outline of your research paper is an important part of your work because of the fact that you will use this outline to structure the rest of your work. It is about organizing your thought process so that when you get into the thick of writing, you leave nothing to chance. The following are some useful hints that will help you come up with a very good outline for the paper.

  • Determine the topic and purpose of your work
  • List your talking points
  • Organize the talking points to make sense
  • Add content to the points
  • Review the points

Determine the topic and purpose of your work

Before you start working on the outline it is always a good idea to determine what you want to work on. Choose a topic that you can address and then from there you can start thinking about the outline. If you are struggling to come up with a topic, you can think in terms of what you intend to achieve and then from there everything else will fall into place.

List your talking points

Once you have the title, you will then need to put down the talking points that you intend to discuss. To do this, list down everything that comes to mind. This is more like a memory dump process. After listing all the points, you can then start looking at them one by one.

Organize the talking points to make sense

While you were listing the points above, you may have noticed that some of them do not really make sense. Get rid of the ones that do not add any value to your work, and highlight the ones that do. Address these points in order of their priority with respect to your title and the thesis statement that you may have written already.

Add content to the points

Putting content to the points that you have labelled above is how to create a good paper. No paper will ever be written from scratch to the end in prose format. A good writer will always take their time to list the points that they want to address and then from there they can proceed to write the rest of the paper.

Review the points

Finally once you have done all this, your paper will be as good as done. Go on and review your work, make any editing necessary and then present it for marking.


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