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5 Quick Tips On How To Write A Term Paper In The MLA Style

In this paper, I am going to give you some quick tips on writing a term paper using the MLA style of writing. It just so happens that I graduated from college a year ago and this style of writing was the standard we followed for all of our essays. This form of discipline is used by the majority of colleges and universities across the country.

  1. Layout/Setting- The following layout settings are required for MLA style of writing
    • a. 12 point font
    • b. Times New Roman style of font
    • c. 2.0 line height- or double-spaced
    • d. 1 inch margins all around
    • e. No extra spacing in-between paragraphs
  2. 2. Page header- In the top right corner, number each page consecutively after your last name. Be flush with the right margin and the number should be ½ inch from the top of the page
  3. First page of paper- Use a title page only if specifically requested
    • a. In the upper left corner put your name, teacher’s name, course number and section, and the date- all double spaced as in the paper
    • b. Double space again and center your title- Do not capitalize your entire title
  4. Body of paper- Use only one space after periods in a sentence. Italicize the titles of long quotes. Indent the first line of each paragraph by using tab key or 5 spaces from the left.
  5. Works Cited List- MLA has a form that you can fill out depending on which type of publication you are citing. It is called the MLA BibBuilder. If you fill out this form, it will automatically put your works in the proper form. There are some drawbacks to using this type of builder, but it is used quite often by many of your peers.

This style of formatting is used widely in the educational field. It is most important that you understand that your professor is the authority on how he wants your paper written. He may give you specific instructions. It is necessary to follow them, even if they are contradictory to a certain style of writing he is requesting. At any time, it is best to ask for clarification from your professor if you are confused about how anything should be formatted. It is best to find out beforehand then to get points deducted for something as silly as not following directions.


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