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A List Of Term Paper Ideas On Economics To Write About

Economics is the study of economic activity to learn more about an organizations production, distribution, and consumption. Studying these things about a specific state, country, government, or other entity allows us to better understand the financial health and economic interworking of a specific group of people. Next time you are assigned an economic term paper, look at our list of term paper ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Health Care: How does your country handle healthcare? What kind of public healthcare options are available, and how do these options affect the economy? Explore or make an argument for a healthcare system you believe to be fiscally responsible, or provide an explanation for why a certain system is faulty.
  • Agriculture: How does agriculture affect your area’s economy? Are there major crops your economy relies upon? Consider how your economy is affected by agriculture. Some areas are more controlled by the economics of agriculture than others—explore this idea.
  • Gambling: Think about gambling, casinos, and the finances of industry. How do these finances play in the health of your monetary system? Make an argument for or against the accessibility to casinos. What does gambling mean in terms of fiscal health.
  • Energy: There are many forms of energy that drive our world. Some forms of energy have environment benefits, whereas others have economic benefits. What is the best solution for energy in terms of money? What issues come with this solution?
  • Technology: What kind of technology is used in conjunction with finances? How do banks and the government use these types of technology for economics? Discuss how the world of finance is growing along with the world of technology.
  • GDP: Explain why the gross domestic product is one of the best ways to learn about a country’s economy. What makes for a strong or weak GDP?
  • Small Businesses: Some believe that small business drive our nation. How do small business positively or negatively effect the economy? What kinds of incentives are there to starting your own business? Make an argument for or against small business owners.
  • Credit: How is credit determined? How do we use it to make purchases? How do credit scores affect finance?

Use these sample topics as a place to start getting some ideas. Consider each topic and the issues surrounding it. What interests you most for your next term paper?


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