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A List Of Excellent Term Paper Topics For University Students

One of the most difficult things students have to deal with at university is finding a topic for their term papers. If there is an open choice on the matter this may not be to bad, however if this is not the case and the students are required to take a more narrow choice then it becomes a lot more problematic. But if there is an open end to the choice then there are many interesting things to write on five of which I will list here as good examples.

  • Upcoming Science
  • There are numerous scientific innovations being made all the time and some of these stand to change our world greatly in the times ahead. To name but a few that could be written on for an excellent term paper are Artificial Intelligence and the idea of Extraterrestrial Life. Both of these are highly fascinating topics that are hotly debated by many people.

  • Major Social Movements
  • At any time in the world there are major social movements causing great change, for instance there is changes in automation in the manufacturing sector that could threaten countless jobs by replacing them with automotive machinery.This topic is always a hot button issue for an excellent term paper.

  • Major World News
  • There is everywhere on the earth numerous great events taking place and shaping history and changing things throughout the world. Right now there is a conflict in Ukraine where Russian separatists who wish to be independent or a part of Russia and fighting the government to achieve this. At the same time ISIS the militant Islamic terrorist group in Iraq and Syria is fighting numerous opponents for control of the area.

  • Whats The Best Political System
  • There is always debate about which system of government is the best, people have varying views on this topic is is monarchy or is it democracy? Everyone will have their opinions on these things as we as a society are always discussing changes to our way of life to make it better this would be an excellent topic for a term paper in light of the political climate we are in.

  • How Is The World Economy Doing
  • The last few years have seen a lot of economic instability with the economy lagging behind predictions this could be a major topic to discuss about whether there is or even can be full recovery based on our circumstances.

These are but a few of the incredible amount of topics that any student could write for an excellent term paper topic.


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