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A Manual On How To Come Up With Good American Literature Research Paper Topics

American literature courses tend to be popular with students. They take American literature as a way to learn about history and the fictional stories that were created during historical periods. Many high schools require that students need to take American literature in order to graduate and any college student who wants to major in literature or English needs to take at least one American literature course. This means that students all over the country are in need of good American literature research paper topics.

  • Pick a Time Period
  • When you are assigned a research paper in American literature, you need to know whether you have an open topic or you have to find a topic during a particular literary period. There are significantly different topics for papers about the Puritan period of literature versus the Civil War period or even the Revolutionary period. These time periods had distinctly different literature based on the way of life during those times.

  • Analyze an Author
  • Once you know the requirements for the time period of your topic, you have several options. One of the most interesting options is to look at a piece of literature and the history surrounding the author. You might find out that an author was an avid supporter of the south during the Civil War. You might also find out that an author was a participant during the Boston Tea Party. You just never know what you will find when you begin to dig around in an author’s life and look at what experiences influenced the literature that he or she wrote.

  • Look at the Evolution of Minority Authors
  • Time periods also affected whether or not women and minorities could write. Yes, there were women who wrote during each literary period, but their options were limited. As you move through the literary periods of American literature, the role of minority authors slowly evolves. Tracing the evolution of minority authors is an interesting topic to tackle, especially when you look at the history events that influenced them and limited them, too.

Here are a few topics you could use for your American literature research paper:

  • Female authors who were ahead of their time
  • Humorous authors and their satirical subjects
  • American fairy tales and their effect on culture
  • The role of poetry in modern American literature
  • The development of short stories in American literature
  • Favorite authors in early American literature and how they gained a fan base

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