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How do you write a research paper outline and get a high score

If you have been set an assignment of writing a research paper outline, you need to ensure that you present a comprehensive and academically formatted document. This skill, to write a plan for a projected research, is a basic requirement for academic evaluation, so you need to have an idea of what is expected, particularly to get a high score. So, how do you ensure a high score for your research paper outline? Here are a few suggestions.

  • Be Comprehensive
  • The single most important requirement in a research paper outline is that it is a comprehensive outline of every aspect of your research. The outline should include: space for your introduction to the topic and scope, your thesis statement, your methods and tools, your literature review, your body argument paragraphs, and finally sections for recommendations and concluding discussions. All of these must be included under headings. i.e.

    • Introduction: Topic
    • Thesis statement
    • Tools and methods
    • Literature review.
    • Be Consistent

    When using the above format, applying headings in level 1,2,3, etc. be consistent in your application. Ensure that the formatting of the outline is consistent throughout.

  • Show an Understanding of the Structure of Research Papers
  • Before you write your plan, search online for outline examples, and, more, read many research papers in your field. You will be able to get an idea of the most effective outline for your research area.

  • Demonstrate an Awareness of Your Field
  • When you are writing heading titles for your outline, do not be overly general or vague, and never be hasty. Use very precise language, and ensure that every element is in the most appropriate place for your field. Using heading that demonstrate an awareness of appropriate terminology will show that you have read in your field.

  • Write Flawlessly!
  • Do not have any typos, misspelled words, any inconsistent or incorrect punctuation: every mark on the page should be precise, and flawless. This shows a professional commitment to your writing.

An outline is a way of demonstrating your ability to adhere to academic standards, and to the requirements of your subject. Write a good one, that is comprehensive, correctly and consistently formatted, and you are on the way to a great mark!


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