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How Do You Write a Research Paper: Making a Schedule

When you are writing a research paper chances are the length requirements are longer than any other paper you have written. That is why it is important for every student to make a schedule. A writing schedule is a means for you to stay on task and get your paper done in small and incremental parts. By creating and adhering to a writing plan you can avoid the panic the week before of having not done your research or the panic the night before of not having enough time left to edit your paper and hoping for the best.

Making a schedule means setting out a specific amount of time each day or each week in which to work. During that time you need to arrange it so that you work in the same place each time. This will help your brain to better focus on the task at hand. You should have all of the items you need to study in the same place. For some people that is a computer and the library and for others that includes note cards and highlighters too.

Your schedule can be an hour per day or three hours per week so long as you know it will get your work done by the due date. It is best to mark the final due date on a calendar and from there work backward with the number of days and/or weeks you have and mark any milestones along the way. It may also be best for you to set personal milestones such as having research or writing or a particular section of your notes done by a certain date. Some students need to have an accountability partner too who helps to keep them on task. This can be a trusted friend or family who knows your writing schedule and can make inquiries every day or week or after every major milestone.

If you are struggling to find a topic on which to write you can review those below to see if anything stands out. Remember that these topics are broad and meant to serve as a foundation from which you find a subject that interests you. If you are writing a paper on drugs and/or drug abuse you can write about

  • Alcohol
  • Drunk driving
  • Drug testing
  • Doping in sports
  • Nicotine
  • Marijuana

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