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Looking for Interesting Macroeconomics Topics for a Research Paper

When looking for a topic on any subject, the sources to begin searching for your topic are usually similar. It is fairly safe to always consult the Internet or academic databases when looking for any interesting topic for a research paper. Below we share how you can use the Internet and academic databases to locate interesting topics for your next macroeconomic research paper.

  • The Internet
  • The Internet has many, if not all, the answers to the questions you may, when it comes to research papers. When searching for an interesting macroeconomics topic for your next research paper using the Internet can help you find economic publications, videos and current events to inspire you. By searching reputable sources like economic magazines, documentaries, or even the news—you can find fresh and interesting topics for your macroeconomics research paper.

  • Academic Databases
  • Another resource for locating macroeconomic topics for your next paper is your academic database. Your school’s library should have one, if not many, available academic databases for you to search. These databases feature scholarly articles, research, and journals from which you can definitely draw promising macroeconomic topics.

Here are some of the topics we found while searching the Internet and databases. Use these as a starting point or inspiration for your own macroeconomics topic:

  • Bitcoin: Bitcoin is a form of currency completely private and separate from any currency we use in regular walking life. Bitcoin allows people to purchase private currency digitally, and has many controversial benefits. Explore the ins and outs of bitcoin for an interesting macroeconomics research paper.

  • Student Loan Interest Rates: Why are student loan interest rates so high? How do student loans work? What effect do they have on our economy? Research student loan interest rates and shed light on something of much discussion.

  • Crowdfunding: How does crowdfunding work? Who can use crowdfunding? Discuss what is made possible by the developments of crowdfunding.

  • Paid Entertainers: Actors, professional athletes, musicians and most paid entertainers are paid outrageous and gross salaries. Research why we value their services so greatly monetarily, and how this massive scale in pay grade affects the economics of our society.

  • Real Estate: Where are we in the housing slump? What can we do to better our situation? How did we get here? Research the good and bad decisions of the housing market, and explore how the real estate situation can be bettered in today’s economy.

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