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Sharing with You Catchy and Interesting Topics for Term Papers

Writing a term paper can be tough. Writing a good term paper is tougher. In addition, on top of all of that, a bad topic can break a paper, forcing it to be either nonsensical or boring. Well, like many things in life, there is a solution. Here are some interesting topics that have a lot of depth for them, and can be easily written into full-length term papers. These in particular are persuasion essay focuses, and for use in a general writing or English class.

First, a quick list of topical political subjects with tons of research able to back up a variety of arguments:

  • Should Gay Marriage Be legal?
  • How should the government tackle the war on drugs? What about legalization, and under what circumstances?
  • How much help should the state give people who are struggling financially?
  • When, if, and how should the United States withdrawal from the Middle East? What bout Russia from Ukraine?
  • What about Second Amendment rights in the United States? What exactly do they allow citizens to do, and what restrictions should there be on gun ownership?
  • Is political correctness, good, and at what point might it go so far? At what point is free speech hate speech?
  • Is affirmative action a just way to allow minority students to get into top Colleges?

In addition to these, there are some other topics offered that deal with futurism and other more complicated topics:

  • At what point is automation a bad thing? What happens as we allow robots to create something closer to a post scarcity economy?
  • This is one interesting topic because it has to deal with technology that does not' exist yet, and lets you think about abstractions. The big thing here is that automation destroys jobs, but certainly we agree that for everyone else it helps out- self driving cars, for example, have not received a single driving ticket since being introduced to the roads, but they will soon destroy trucking jobs, most likely. What are the ethics of such a thing? Is the short-term damage of job lost worth the long-term gain?

  • Should we allow people with modifications to their bodies to compete in the Olympics?
  • This is an odd one. There was a man who had amputated legs that competed in the last Olympics, and he was allowed to compete. He ran, as a well, a runner, and was able to from his prosthetic legs. This is a weird slippery slope, because while in this case it can be a touching story about how a man with a disadvantage overcame it. However, what about future bionic legs that is stronger than natural human legs? Such a thing will certainly be possible within the century. What are the implications of this?


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