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10 Interesting Term Paper Topics in Psychology

A lot of students believe that sometimes coming up with a workable idea or a topic is more challenging than actually researching and writing about it. Psychology is one such interesting subject, which is very broad in scope, but sometimes your ideas get strangled in a bottleneck situation. It becomes even more difficult when you are near the end, but couldn’t draw any conclusion due to the limited scope of the topic. Therefore, it is very important that the students should research well about the limitations, advantages and scope of the topic.

Following is a brief list of 10 interesting psychology topics with details, which can be chosen easily for your term paper:

  • The trend of being cool – The psychology topic of ‘The trend of being cool’ can be very much relevant in today’s world as what the youth of today perceives as cool and not cool. This can raise several ideas, such as where this thinking originated from and how it can affect the careers of the youth.
  • Current Events – One good psychology topic can be to choose any current event, which is related to psychology. As it will be a current topic, so you will have a lot of information and there would be very less chances that anybody else has already written on it.
  • Psychological disorder – Under this topic, you can discuss about the psychology of people, the issues they face, what impact such issues have on their daily lives and how they come out of it.
  • Abnormal psychological disorder – This topic can cover several abnormal mental or psychological disorders and how their life is affected by these disorders.
  • Famous personality – Students can choose any famous personality either from the past or from the current time and write about their psychology, which helped them becoming popular.
  • Developmental psychological topics – Such topics can cover topics on human life, starting from their birth to their death.
  • Social psychological topics – Under this topic, you can research and write about the study of social behavior of people that how they react to certain social challenges thrown at them on a daily bases.
  • The influence of massage therapy – This topic can cover that what influence can massage have on the psychology of people.
  • Exercise influence on people – It can cover the psychological effects of exercise on people.
  • Child Psychology – A very interesting and broad topic, which can cover extensively the psychology of children.

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