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What are the Most Interesting Position Research Paper Topics

Argumentative Essays are not all the same. When one deals more with a staunch and confident attitude, dealing with a controversial topic, it is called a Position Essay. For some people, this type of essay may turn them off, but at the same time, it promotes the ability to take a stand. It also promotes taking a stand with confidence, and founding the argument on solid facts. Now, how to develop interesting research topics, for a position essay? This is what will be shown here.

  1. Political
  2. Social
  3. Environmental
  4. Ethics
  5. Guide
  • Political
  • Everyone knows politics can easily become a heated subject. And usually for idiotic reasons. But there are those cases that actually deserve a more heavier stand. When one of these cases is found, a student can make a strong case against or for it. But sometimes an argument essay, is just not strong enough for the task. This is where the Position Essay comes in.

    • The Joke of War on Drugs
    • Politicians Aiding Terrorists
    • Global Progressive Movement
    • Does the UN Aid the Enemy? (true or not)
    • Destabilization of Borders
  • Social
  • The social structure in any culture, is an important factor. The disruption of it, can be a major issue, for the society. Making a statement as in an argumentative essay, can be good, but not always enough.

    • Sex-Ed Helps Cause more Teen Aged Pregnancy
    • The Threat of Muslim Religion, Taking Over the World (pro/con)
    • Effect of Drug Use is Being Underplayed
    • Disinformation from the Media (real or not)
    • Destruction of Social Morals (real or not)
  • Environmental
  • Environmental is kind of a big subject, as many issues are not only in this field, but also blurred in. Like environmentalists will fight for animal rights against experimentation.

    • Animal Testing (over stated, or real)
    • Deforestation
    • Poaching
    • Pollution
    • Mining
  • Ethics
  • Ethics can be a very controversial issue, with all the areas it covers. Many times a good argumentative paper will be enough, but sometimes, it is just not.

    • Misleading Advertisements (effects on consumers)
    • Corrupt Business Practices
    • Corrupt Political Preactices
    • Medical Malpractivice
    • Legal Malpractice
  • Guide
  • Any of these can be used in different ways; pro or con, real or not, and so on. It is not that they have to be used the way they are said, but to give the student ideas to work with.


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