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15 political research paper topics worthy to write on

If you are looking for a topic related to politics you should review the list below and see if anything inspires you:

  1. Should democracy or autocracy be supported?

  2. Discuss the events that created the Great Compromise

  3. Take a stance either for or against: Abortion
  4. Abortion is quote a hot button issue among politicians, one which often results in debates on both sides. Those who are pro-life argue that abortion is morally wrong while those who are pro-choice believe that a woman should have a right to control her body.

  5. Should individual states be given less power or more power?

  6. Compare the two major political parties in the U.S. and evaluate whether a third party should be better funded

  7. Should political cartoons be stopped?

  8. Discuss the two sides related to: Drug Legalization
  9. The war on drugs costs billions every year. Proponents of legalizing drugs think that this war has been an abject failure and the system is not only costly but ineffective. It fills prison space, increases violence, and empowers cartels. Those who are in favor cite the negative health effects of long term drug use and how legalizing drugs would lead to the detriment of society.

  10. Do politicians use abstract rhetoric to win?

  11. Take a stance either for or against: Taxes for Unhealthy Food
  12. America is the fattest nation in the world and obesity is increasing healthcare costs. Those who advocate a tax on unhealthy food think it would curb unhealthy eating and by extension, obesity. Those who are against it argue that people should get to eat whatever they want and the government cannot say what is healthy and what is not.

  13. What is the role of media in politics?

  14. Compare and contrast the two sides in the debate regarding: Capital Punishment
  15. Those who are against capital punishment think it does not deter crime and is morally wrong. They also cite the many cases where new DNA evidence makes it possible for innocent people to be killed. Those who are in support of it claim it does in fact reduce crime.

  16. Should gay marriage be federally legal?

  17. Describe the major sources of political campaign funding.

  18. Explain which rights among those the first amendment guarantees is the most important.

  19. Create a program that would ensure more people actually vote in all elections

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