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Topics You Should Not Discuss In Your Microeconomics Term Paper

The best way to become interested in a paper is to write about something you are interested in. You need to pick a topic that is somewhat specific. I would like you to steer clear of choosing broad topics like “Advertising,” “Monopolies,” and “Entrepreneurship”. It is not to be said that you can’t write about these topics in your paper, but as a topic for your term paper I feel like they are too broad to have a well written and concise paper about them in the amount of pages you have to write them. Remember you could write a text book on each of these subjects, don’t try to summarize an entire text book or course into a term paper. It just doesn’t work. Very recent events are also hard to discuss in a paper as supporting evidence. There is often little research behind them and the first news on the subjects is often media coverage which can be extremely biased or misleading. Keep to hard and true topics that have solid evidence behind them.

Next, try to keep things that are off topic out of your paper. It is easy to get off topic. Try to steer clear of topics that will easily lead you away from writing a paper on microeconomics. A little background information is necessary, but keep it to 5 sentences or less. Do not fill your term paper with fluff. I would also like you to be as concise as possibly. Don’t overemphasize a point. State it, back it up, and move on. Redundancy will make your paper boring and well… redundant.

In summary:

  • No broad Topics – Advertising, Entrepreneurship, Monopolies, Oligarchies, Microeconomics vs Macroeconomics (Nothing you can find an entire text book on)
  • Be fresh and concise – avoid redundancy and monotony in your paper
  • Choose a topic with good evidence – although the latest news story is interesting, there is often little to no solid footing for them. Choose to discuss topics and points with good supporting information instead of current events unless they are well researched.
  • Keep to topic – if you want to write about the automotive industry, pick something specific. I don’t want to see a paper on all of GM or Ford, but rather a smaller part or even something like “The Economic Impact of SUV’s”. Don’t include anything that your essay would be more efficient without. Cut the excess out. You don’t need to embellish your essay, present something that is concise and to the point.
  • Stay away from “Cliché” topics – I want you to use your imagination and come up with something creative. If you are bored by it writing about it, your professor will be bored reading it.

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