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Composing a strong conclusion for a research paper

There are many ways you can describe or consider the conclusion to your essay. Its purpose is to wind up or wrap up all the writing which has gone beforehand. Remember that the reader has already gone through your essay and absorbed all the information you provided. You told the reader what you're going to set out to prove or answer in your essay and the conclusion enables you to reinforce those points and give the reader satisfaction.

That's a very important point. The reader has formed an opinion about your writing and about what you've talked about in your essay and now you want them to go away thinking that they agree with your point of view or that they believe you have explained the situation very well. You help achieve that situation by writing a strong conclusion.

What should you include in your conclusion?

The thesis statement which you created and placed at the beginning of your essay in the introduction needs to be talked about again in the conclusion. But do yourself a big favour and don't use the same language. It's a great skill to be able to make the same point with new words. Your reader, and this case it'll be your teacher or professor, we'll get a boost in their satisfaction levels when they see you reiterate your thesis statement in a new way.

You're saying the same thing but you've just chosen a different way to explain.

To write a precis of a piece of prose is a good writing exercise. You might read an entire novel or only a chapter of the novel and your task is to describe what happened in a limited number of words. If you can develop this skill, this expertise of being able to write a good precis version of a longer piece of work, you're well on the way to writing a good conclusion.

Absolutely no new material

It's vitally important that you understand the purpose of the conclusion. Whatever that purpose might be it does not include presenting new material. All the new material is introduced in the body paragraphs and possibly in the introduction. You will only confuse the reader if you introduce a new piece of information in the conclusion.

On the contrary you will give them a lot of reader satisfaction if you carefully and in a simple way repeat what you have said before. Of course you would use fewer words and if you can use new words or different words to reinforce the thesis statement you may well have created an ideal conclusion.


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