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10 Winning Term Paper Topics for Economics

Of all the social sciences, economics is the field that has great relevance to everyday life. Not only is it a technical field, but it is also one that applies to the everyday behavior of people. When writing an economics term paper, it is important to keep in mind your audience, and the effects of your topic on your audience. If you are having problems coming up with a topic, some are suggested below.

  • The last couple of decades have seen the rise of massively multilayer online role-playing games, or MMORPGs. These have attracted the attention of gamers everywhere, but they have also attracted the attention of economists. How closely can the economies of these games be related to real life, and what are the implications of this?

  • Death and taxes are the two certain things in life. However, just how high should taxes be? What are the major effects of raising and lowering taxes?

  • The internet has done many things to change culture, and one of these things is the emergence of a post-scarcity economy. Since data can be copied essentially free, what kind of economies of information have developed over the internet?

  • Music, movies, and even book piracy has been on the rise since the advent of the internet. What kind of effects are these having on the profits of media companies, and what kind of efforts, if any, should be used to curtail this practice?

  • Collectible card games, comics, and other products collected by hobbyists have a thriving secondary market. How does this resale market affect the sales of these products from the distributors?

  • Diamond prices, of natural diamonds at least, are artificially high and kept so by the companies that control the world's diamond minds in Africa. What would the effect of a discovery of a new diamond vein bring, and what would be the response of the diamond market?

  • Is the current boom in the tech field sustainable, and are we living in a tech bubble now? Is this current amount of growth sustainable?

  • Sometimes, people do not act rationally. This is a problem for economists, because many economic models assume that all actors involved are rational. Under what circumstances does this irrationality begin to affect economic models?

  • Every four years, the United States elects new president. How does this affect the economy in the months after the election? What about other countries that run elections?

  • In some places, there is a rise of anti consumerism or minimalistic ideas that state that it would be better to own less, and make do with buying as few products as possible. Clearly, our current markets are driven by consumerism, so what effect might this have on global markets?

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