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Argumentative Research Paper Topics For College Students: Take Your Pick

Argumentative essay topics are of great help in presentation of strong views that the writer holds towards a subject, topic or essay and speaks loud and clear about the writers skill to take a strong stand on the issue and attempt to support it with clear analytical reasoning and logic through making clear cut expression of their views and opinions. Here again the writers personal views find their support through founded arguments made on the essay topic. As the essay begins it is important that the writer takes an effort to first project both sides of the arguments that are made on the issue without being blind to just one side of argumentative representation in the essay. As the writer presents the arguments and its most common counter arguments there must be a structure to base their own arguments on the ground support of personal views, logic, reason, evidence, proof and other means of validation for their own argument on the issue or problem addressed in the argumentative essay.

For all this to occur in proper perspective, the writer must foremost select a great topic for the argumentative essay which draws its inspiration from the level of interest of the writer towards the topic discussed. This interest would help the writer to benefit from making an argument on a subject of his choice as against other topics which fail to grab the interest of the writer and so makes the writer fall short of motivation and ideas to relate to the argumentative essay topic. Therefore the topic selection becomes very important in this regard. Also important while selecting a topic for the argumentative essay is to assess its strength to follow and sustain a flow of argument with respect to the scope of the topic to provide evidential support for the arguments to be presented and a range of perspectives that are likely to be addressed through the argumentative essay topic.

Following argumentative topics for college students would be a great pick:

  1. How to deal with domestic violence? Should the children be a witness to the domestic violence in households?
  2. Is media mere propaganda for paid news and is responsible for sensationalism of news for profits?
  3. Has computer and technology replaced conversations over coffee tables?
  4. Should there be any use of animals in medical research and testing?
  5. Deforestation: An important environmental concern.
  6. Veganism: A new trend amongst the Gen-next.
  7. Advertising has taken a cap of manipulating the consumer markets today.
  8. Is the media the most powerful opinion leader for the society?

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