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How To Write Research Paper Acknowledgements: Tips And Examples

Writing the acknowledgement section for your paper is one of the things that most students tend to ignore. One of the main reasons for this is because not so many teachers spend a lot of time in teaching them how to write this part of their papers. Since a lot of teachers do not really pay attention to it, chances are high that most students will equally fail to think about how important this part of their paper is.

As an author, it is important for you to take care and be precautious when it comes to giving your readers something to think about. This particular part of your paper is the part where you get to show your appreciation to all those who took their time in helping you ensure that your work would turn out to be as effective as it has finally become.


“I wish to thank God for this far that He has brought me. I also acknowledge the support of the employees of Finance Sacco Society, whose kindness and willingness to participate in this exercise have made it come through. I would also like to appreciate the efforts of all whose names might not be mentioned, but their contributions to this activity have made it a success. Furthermore, without the mentorship of Mr. Bernard, this project might not have come through, so thank you so much, Sir!”

There are rules on who you are supposed to include in this section of your paper. This is important because without such rules, there would be an endless list of people that some students would write here. Naturally it is expected that you will find it in yourself to acknowledge the support that you have received from your parents, from your spouse, siblings and anyone else within the family make up. This is rather common sense.

Another set of people that you need to acknowledge here are your sources. In the event that your paper was a group project, it is important to mention those who made it a success. Apart from that in this category you can also list the people whose work and research has inspired your work. This is particularly so in the event that you are building your work from the research that someone else did before, and picking up from where they left off.


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