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Searching For A Free Example Of A Research Paper Body Paragraph

When students are tasked with writing a research paper, they tend to be more successful if they have a sample of a body paragraph. Students learn from modeling; so, if an instructor will not give students example paragraphs, students need to be able to find their own. Free sample body paragraphs are not difficult to find, if you know where to look. Here are a few tips to help locate a high quality body paragraph for a research paper:

  • Visit university writing labs. Many large public universities have online writing labs. And, many of the writing labs are free for public use. These writing labs include instructional videos and step-by-step guides for nearly every type of sentence, paragraph, and writing assignment imaginable. The sites also tend to have examples that are clearly labeled so students know exactly what the topic sentence should look like and how to organize the evidence and explanations.

  • Check out online writing companies. Many of the best writing companies offer free samples to their customers. When you visit a writing company, check out their blogs and samples. If you do choose to use a sample paragraph from a writing site, look for one that you find interesting. Not every free sample at a writing website will be high quality or interesting. In order to avoid copying the paragraph, try to find a sample that is about a completely different subject that what you are researching.

  • Visit a writing blog. When bloggers teach writing skills, they include sample paragraphs. There are a plethora of writing blogs and you are bound to find one that teaches research paper writing skills. Like an online writing lab, a writing blogger should explain the parts of the research paper so students know exactly what to include and what transitions will make the paragraph effective.

  • Try a textbook website. Textbook companies offer free services for the general public. In many cases, they will provide basic information about reading, writing, and thinking strategies. They do this to get people to subscribe to their online services and to buy their textbooks. You might be able to find a sample research paper paragraph to help you with your project.

No matter where you find your sample paragraph, it is important to remember never to use any part of the paragraph in your research paper. No student wants to be accused of plagiarism.


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