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Fun Research Paper Topics For High School Students

The only way a high school student is to have fun writing a research paper is if they choose a topic which really excites them. This is the best advice you can get anyway when it comes to choosing a topic. Let's face it, if you find the experience to be fun, enjoyable and something you really want to do, then chances are you're going to write well and receive a terrific score.

If your teacher allows you to choose your own research paper topic, as opposed to telling you what it will be, this gives you a brilliant opportunity to choose something you want to write about. This is where doing a research paper in high school really can be fun. But there is a trap for young players here. Just because you think a particular topic is interesting and will be fun to write about, doesn't necessarily mean it's a great topic. Beware of this trap.

You see a good research paper requires you to show evidence that you have read widely and well. If the topic you choose, fun though it might be, does not have a great deal of depth to it then you won't be able to find a significant amount of relevant research material. Without this research material your information will be shallow and that will impact your writing. And that means you will get a poor score.

One of the best ways to ensure that the fun research paper topic you choose really does have some depth is to do some early exploration. So you choose a topic or topics which you think will be fun to write about and then carry out an investigation. This doesn't have to take a great deal of time and it can involve simply a visit to your high school library or an online search. What relevant research material is available for that particular topic? If there is plenty and you can access it easily, then you could be on a winner.

Remember too that a good idea regarding finding fun research paper topics is to try brainstorming. Take a theme or a word or a topic and do some brainstorming. From that activity might come of all range of new research paper topics. And to get the ball rolling here are some suggestions which might appeal to you.

  1. How has the language of texting impacted teenagers’ ability to write and spell well?
  2. If lie detector tests cannot be relied upon, they should be abolished.
  3. What is the long term impact of major oil spills on marine animals and plants?
  4. Is there a better system of creating a government other than democracy?
  5. Scientists have discovered all there is to discover in outer space.

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