top tips for writing your term paper

How to Write a Persuasive Term Paper

When writing a persuasive term paper, you want to convince your audience to agree with you. Your paper must be based on facts. To ensure that this happens, make sure you have a solid outline to follow, that your research is credible and valid, and that your thesis statement is strong.

  • Create a Strong Outline
  • Make a comprehensive outline to follow when writing the persuasive paper. Make sure that all of your arguments or main ideas, have solid support such as data, quotes, interviews, or scientific research. The perfect persuasive paper will be a blend of your ideas supported by credible and true facts. Using the outline to write the paper will make the entire process easier for you. You simply have to follow the outline. Do not be afraid to make adjustments in the outline if necessary as you write the paper.

  • Your Research Should be Credible and Valid
  • As you research for your persuasive paper, make sure to use reputable databases. Look for quotes, case studies, stories, facts, and interviews that are credible and valid. These pieces of information should support your persuasive main ideas. Do not ever support the other side. You do not want to appear as if you cannot make up your mind. You want to be firm with good and solid support to back up your ideas in your paper.

  • Write a Strong Thesis Statement
  • You need to argue one side and your thesis statement should reflect the side that you have taken. Do not ever support both sides. Your thesis statement will be a guide for your paragraphs. You should have two to five solid reasons for your persuasive paper. The reason should not be based strictly on emotions. Remember, this is an academic paper. As you think of your main ideas remember that you are writing this paper for a teacher to read and grade. Always consider your audience when you are writing, and in this case your audience is not your peers.

Make sure that you have all the right components when you are writing a persuasive paper. Follow your teacher’s instructions, make all the deadlines, write a rough draft, and go for any extra help offered by your instructor. You want to be successful. Make sure you compose a good outline, your research is credible, and that you have penned a strong thesis statement.


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