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Creating A Biology Research Paper: Basic Structure

The way in which a research paper is written must follow certain guidelines. The layout is important for this that makes the difference between a paper with facts or an article able to be reviewed accordingly. Here are the sections of a biology research paper.

  1. The title.
  2. This part of the paper deals with the topic discussed. It is here that the reader would know if this paper is relevant to his/her needs. Included here can be the organisms studied, the experimental processes used, the results gathered from said experiments, etc.

  3. The abstract.
  4. A summary must follow at this point. This is usually the most read part of the paper for it summarizes the method used and the reason for doing the experiment. This section is sometimes copied for other uses on other work.

  5. The introduction.
  6. At this point information regarding the need of doing such a paper or experiment should be presented. Details like the theoretical information on the subject and the hypothesis tested are some of the points that are written in this section.

  7. The method.
  8. The reader of this segment must be able to determine the exact steps the author or scientist took to carry out the experiment. Any special techniques and apparatus used are described here as well.

  9. The results.<
  10. Only after the research or experiment has been completed would there be information to write in this section. As the name states, this will show the data gotten from the experiment in the form of graphs, charts and tables. Remember that on research papers the information here does not reflect the author or scientist, it just presents the findings to be reviewed.

  11. The discussion.
  12. How the author interpreted their work with respect to the relevance it holds to other research being done is placed here. Readers can take this information and provide alternatives or suggest ways to improve the research processes hence why comments on this section of the paper are encouraged.

  13. The acknowledgments.
  14. All who contributed to the research are presented here. Details like academic institutions, the government, interested companies and people who either shared information or funded the experiment is written here. Some readers want to know if this paper has creditably before relying on the information.

  15. The Literature Cited.
  16. In this section, the reader can learn where the author or scientist got the external information from. Whether it came exclusively from the science community or other areas of study may be important to the reader.


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