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How To Create A Research Paper On Why Abortion Should Be Legal

Writing research papers is a tough process. And it is made even more difficult when one has to research and write on a particularly sensitive issue such as abortion legality. This article will show you how to effectively approach writing a research paper on why abortion should be legal:

Choose a Focused and Manageable Topic

The first thing you should do when writing a research paper on why abortion should be legal is to select a topic that is focused and manageable. No one expects you to do a comprehensive study providing every reason why it should be legal. You are expected, however, to provide an in-depth study on a specific question or issue. Don’t make the assignment more difficult than it absolutely has to be. Check to ensure you will have an easy time finding ample resources.

Conduct the Appropriate Academic Research

As soon as you have settled on your topic you should start to do your in-depth academic research. The majority of this research needs to be done at the school or public library, where you have access to credible government and academic resources. You could, however, start your search by looking up for some key information, issues and terminology. This is really just to familiarize yourself with some background content.

Arrange Your Paper Notes in an Outline

An outline is an effective tool for keeping your writing on track, especially when it comes to writing the first draft. Arrange your main discussion points in a logical order to effectively make the case for why abortion should be legal. Beneath each discussion point include your supporting evidence or examples from your research notes. If you can easily be reminded by just a phrase then you don’t have to come up with complete sentences.

Start Writing the First Draft of the Paper

Don’t expect to jump right into the assignment and get the words down perfectly from the start. Your first ideas are often disconnected, repetitive and filled with grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors. This is okay at this stage. The main goal is to get all of your good ideas down in one place instead of having them scattered around in different notebooks.

Revise, Edit and Proofread the Assignment

Finally, be sure you completely revise, edit and proofread the research paper assignment before you hand it in. You should do each of these exercises separately and with your complete undivided attention. Just because you’re nearing the end doesn’t mean it’s time for you to slack off or zoom through these exercises. Spend just as much time on each as you would any other part of the assignment.


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