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Tried And Tested Methods To Write A Research Paper Conclusion

The conclusion to a research paper can be the most powerful part. If done correctly, it can make the paper. There are many different methods that can be used in a conclusion, however, when ending a paper you may want to go with time-honored methods. Here are some tried and tested ingredients to a good ending.

Tried and Tested Methods

  • Summarize the paper
  • Introduce new information
  • Pose a question
  • End it with finality

Summarize the Paper

Go over the information most important to the point you are making one last time. Don’t be redundant about it, though. Make it unique by using different phrasing and synonyms. Make sure that the information that you reuse is vital to the topic and main idea of the paper. Don’t allow any tangential information get in the way of you making your point stand and be noticed. Doing this should help you to solidify the ideas in the reader’s mind and remind them of all of the good points you have already made. This is the last thing that they will read, so it has to remind them of everything that came before and keep it fresh in their mind.

Introduce New Information

Any information that wasn’t used in your paper’s body can be used here to support your main point. Often times, good information gets left out of papers because there simply isn’t enough room for all of it. In the last paragraph, you can let some of your unused facts shine to make your point even stronger and reinforce your main idea. The introduction of new information to hold up your other facts can really work to your advantage and keep the reader engaged in the end of the paper.

Pose a Question

To make the end of a paper really interesting you can pose a question to the reader. For example, if you are writing about endangered wildlife you could ask the reader if they want their children growing up in a world where some of the most majestic animals no longer exist. This will get the reader on your side and get them to more clearly see your point. It is a good strategy to solidify your reader’s position with your own.

End It with Finality

The conclusion of a research paper should be just that, it should finish your thoughts and end the paper. Ideally, you will have a strong ending including all of the above elements. If you have a weak finish then it may be detrimental to the whole paper.

So, to recap, you want to summarize your paper, introduce new information, pose a question and make the ending final. A good final paragraph can also include information contrary to your point as a contrast to your own ideas. This shows that you understand that there is more than just one point of view at play here. Remember, however you choose to end it, as long as it includes, at least, some of these elements it should be strong and well put together ending.


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