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What's the Most Popular College Term Paper Format?

Many colleges require that their students write their papers in APA format. The American Psychological Association has designed a format for writing papers. It was designed so that all students are graded on an even playing field. If you write your ten page paper in a 12 point font and your classmate uses a 14 point font, you would have to write a lot more work into the paper to meet the page requirement. If everyone is expected to use the same margins, font style, font size, and spacing, the requirements for formatting are equal to all.

So now that you know why you are expected to format your papers in this way, let’s look at how to accomplish this task. Writing papers in an APA format can seem tricky, but these steps will help you write successful APA formatted college term papers.

Step One: General set up

  • 12 point font with Times New Roman
  • 1 inch margins on all sides
  • Double spaced content
  • Header on every page with title and page number
  • Title page and reference pages on separate pages

Step Two: Title Page

  • The title page needs to have the title on the left hand side of the header and the page number of the right hand side of the header
  • Centered in the middle of the title page double spaced should be:
    • Title
    • Author Name
    • University Name
    • Class Name
    • Professor Name
    • Date

Step Three: Body of Paper

  • The body of the paper should be double spaced. It should be set up in separate paragraphs. The header should be the same on every page of the paper.
  • All headings should be centered and not bolded or italicized.

Step Four: Reference Page

  • Reference should be centered and not bolded or italicized.
  • References should be double spaced with the second line indented.
  • There is a specific guideline for each of resource. Please be sure to reference a APA guideline book to ensure that you are properly citing your sources. A lot of college libraries contain citation references in APA format that you can copy and paste into your reference page.

Since every paper that you write in school will need to be formatted in the same way, be sure to master the formatting of your papers. You wouldn’t want to keep losing points for stupid formatting issues. Check out your writing center. They may have an application that you can download that will always format your paper in APA format.


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