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How to write an argumentative research paper using a sample

You might be stuck with a pencil in your hand and a paper saying research paper session 2014 and then you scribble down some notes, cut them, rewrite them, edit them and nothing happens. You will be stuck in the vicious circle if you don’t allow some room for productivity. We often think of ourselves as the perfect individuals and are not willing to learn from others. However, this rigidity of ideas will not lead us anywhere and will only worsen the situation. It is a great idea to get help from sample papers because they can trigger ideas that you may be missing now. If you are wondering how to begin your argumentative research paper and what to include, please proceed with the article and you will find answers to all your questions

  • Start with a valid topic
  • Make sure the topic that you choose for your research paper fits the requirements and can allow healthy arguments. Avoid using topics that are too old school or obsolete

  • Make sure you know your subject
  • It is very important that you have a strong hold of the subject you are going to write the research paper on. This way you can easily filter out information, separate right from wrong, know if the samples are worth following, understand the jargons and terminologies, and write your research paper without much trouble

  • Look for samples
  • After selecting the topic of your paper, you should then go to the web or a research paper guide book and look for papers that are similar to yours. Not all of them will be well written but you can filter this out by getting a book that includes all the high quality research papers written by experts

  • Choose the best sample
  • After you have gone through various samples, it is time that you select top 3 that seem the most relevant, effective and professional to you

  • Read them carefully
  • Get a hard copy of these samples if they are on the web or get a photocopy if they are in the book. Take a pen in your hand and start reading each one of them critically. Mark everything you think is important and develops your interest

After that all you have to do is

  • Understand the format
  • Write your draft essay
  • Compare with the sample
  • Revise and edit your essay
  • Proof read

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