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Explaining How A Term Paper Cover Page Template Must Look Like

College is a wonderful experience filled with many joys and new challenges. These challenges help us to become more well-rounded individuals as well as grow as professionals and productive members of society. One such challenges often faced in the university setting is the term paper. This important piece of writing is crucial to the successful completion of many courses. It is the center piece if you will to conveying that you have adequately absorbed the knowledge shared by the professor and that you fully comprehend the concepts presented in the course. Because this composition is of such great importance it is imperative that you format it in the proper manner. In this article I will be focusing on the term paper cover letter and what it must look like.

There are several items that a term paper cover page must include. The information required is very specific and is meant to quickly inform the audience of the author and contents of the paper. The contents of your cover page will vary slightly depending on the style in which you are writing. Listed below are items that you will need for the cover page for both an APA and MLA formatted term paper. Items that must be included on an MLA cover page are…

  • The name of your university
  • The title of your paper
  • Your name
  • The name and number of the course for which you have composed the paper
  • Your professor’s name
  • The date that the term paper is due

Each of these items should be listed in the order above. Later in the paper I will display a template to give you a better visual understanding of the requirements for this style of cover page. The other style of cover page that you will most frequently encounter is the APA style cover page. Items to be included here are…

  • Running Heahead
  • Page number
  • Title
  • Name
  • University

Again these must be listed in the order stated above. Below I will provide a template for this style of cover page.

MLA Style

University Name

Title of your paper

Your name

Course name and number

Professor’s name

Due date

APA Style

Running Head
Page Number



University Name

As you can see above writing a cover page for a term paper does require some specific information and formatting. However with a little direction it is not difficult to produce a professional term paper that will earn you the grade you desire.


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