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Free Advice On How To Write A 4-6 Page Research Paper

Students who visit a high school or college have come across preparing a dissertation paper on their respective field. Their mentor would ask them to write one under his/her supervision by following certain specific patterns. The students may be given a sample of previous papers to get an overview. However, many students face a basic problem, how to start writing the ACKNOWLEDGMENT and INTRODUCTION. To make it easy to write a discourse of 4-6 pages through one’s orientation, a student may consider some basic points:


The first and foremost thing to be done is “Choosing the Topic”. Have an intricate discussion with your teacher about what topic he would prefer and what practical approach it should have. Go for some active topic that is not too nonrepresentational and which you will enjoy doing.


Search for books in the library or browse the net to see whether any previous research has been carried out on your topic. Go through them thoroughly to study the various angles of research applicable to your area of study. You will get a direction in which you should proceed with your work. Here you should remember that you must not copy your work from somewhere. Stay original because that is of paramount importance.

About the above point, do another necessary thing that is to jot down the information you receive while doing an in-depth study of your topic. While writing your paper, these points will come under the “LITERATURE REVIEW” section. Two pages are sufficient.


Keep in mind about the population sample upon whom you will conduct your experiment and how can they get affected by your work, directly or indirectly. You must remember about the sampling methods you applied and should write about them thoroughly to ensure your instructor that you have a clear idea of the sample selection. You must mention how you have analyzed your data that you gathered from the sample selected. There are some statistical methods and scales of measurement present which can come to an aid in quantifying your data. You must elaborately write about the methodology you applied on one page.


  • Set up a set of questionnaire to make the data collection process smooth. It will also help in data analysis as you can construct scales and tables according to question numbers.
  • Data analysis must necessarily be accompanied by a summary of the quantified data. Print in the rows and columns properly and the data should be represented in percentage. That will make your report look formal and authentic. It will be easy for the invigilator to learn about the variables you applied related to the sample. Keep maximum two pages for data analysis.


  • The thesis must be followed by a definite conclusion about what did we learn from the completed work, and how practical its approach can be. It is important to note that no new information must be introduced while concluding your dissertation. If you find out any such additional information, put it into your literature review or summary of the data. Allotting one page for your conclusion will be sufficient.
  • The questionnaire or interview schedule must be attached to next to conclusion.
  • The paper will be followed by the bibliographical references you have depended upon.

Moreover, a student can browse the net to look for various web links connected to how one can write a thesis paper. Point out the information you find suitable to your area of work and write your discourse accordingly.


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