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A Tried And Tested Method To Write A Research Paper About Food

Fast foods have penetrated the lives of almost each and every individual. Fast cooking methods, gourmet taste and easy procedure have brought it into limelight in past few decades. Understanding its popularity, junk items have become an integral part of most of the research papers.

All those who are looking for ways to write a research paper on fast food should follow the below mentioned tips

  • Choose a topic: Explore the topic after understanding scientific, technical and social considerations. Based on the specific classroom requirements, choose topic that looks unique and offers fresh opinions. Furthermore enough research material should be available.
  • The topic should be appealing to you and to the writer: It should instinct a passion in the writer.
  • Stay Original: Keep the topic interesting.
  • Ask for advice: Ask your professors, class fellows or any senior.
  • Change the topic if required: During the process of research, if you feel that the topic does not reveal anything much interesting or it does not have too much to write about or you have made a wrong decision, change the topic.
  • Initiate your research: Go through the journals, articles, books, encyclopedias, blogs, posts, interviews or whatever you find on your way. A minimum of 5 resources will make your topic affluent.
  • Empirical research: Have a look at the peer reviewed topics. Such articles are vouched by many experts.
  • Library: Visit the local or University library. Check out rags, magazines, Journals etc. Ask librarian as they are trained in doing investigation.
  • Check online: Use search engine, websites, blogs, and online forums. .edu, .gov and .org offer reliable source of information.
  • Check out academic database: They might ask for a paid membership; however college students can access it for free.
  • Outline: Once matter is collected, take out its print out and organize it properly. Highlight the key points and phrases. Use slips to mark important sections.
  • Prepare a bibliography/ reference page: Mark the author, page number, the title, publishing information for all the resources.
  • Understand your objective; If it needs to be written in analytical style or argumentative pattern. Understand the audience you will be writing for.
  • Develop your thesis on food: The thesis statement should be 1-2 sentences long.
  • Format according to the instructed guidelines: Finalize in terms of sections and subsections.
  • Write the body paragraphs: An interesting introduction, the body parts with appropriate evidences and conclusion at the end determines the structure. Avoid long quotations and abide by the rules. Summary should be gist of your entire writing and not merely repetition. Follow MLA, APA or whatever style is suggested to you.

Edit the roughly written draft. Be specific in terms of grammar, spellings and sentence structure.


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