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How To Write A Research Paper On Bullying: Fresh Ideas

Bullying is a huge issue in our society. It starts in elementary school and continues for some throughout our lives. Bullying is when someone uses force, threats, or intimidation to influence others. You have surely ran into a bully in your lifetime. He is the kid that stole your lunch money or pushed you on the bus. She is the girl that threw crushed crackers in your hair to make everyone laugh. It is unfortunate that many of us have to deal with bullying either directly or indirectly. The bully usually continuously harasses weaker individuals because they usually can’t or won’t stand up to them.

Bullying has gotten so bad that it has transcended the traditional bullying methods by going viral. Many individuals today are now bullied on social media sites. They not only have to deal with the bullies in school, but they have to deal with them twenty four hours a day. If you are required to write an interesting paper in regards to bullying, there are several routes that you can take.

  1. Through the eyes of a victim or target
  2. One way you can choose to write your research paper is through the eyes of the victim or target. You can research how the victims feel and how they are affected by the abuse and write your paper on how it feels to be a victim of bullying.

  3. Statistics of bullying in America
  4. You can write a research paper on how apparent bullying is in America. It can give statistical information about how many students are affected by bullying and on how this affects their grades. You can incorporate the number of suicides or suicide attempts that are related to bullying.

  5. Bullying in the workplace
  6. Examine how bullying progresses into adulthood especially in the workplace. If you thought that bullying was over when you left high school, you are mistaken. Bullying is something that many people have to deal with throughout their lives.

  7. Methods of prevention
  8. Because bullying is such a big deal, you can write your research paper on how to prevent bullying. There have been a lot of initiatives lately against bullying in schools. Write a paper on whether these methods are helping.

    Bullying is a major issue in this country and if effects almost everyone. Even if you are not the one being picked on, you probably know someone who is.


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