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A List Of The Most Interesting US History Research Paper Topics

US history is quite interesting to many and with good reason, the ancient tribal history of the US soil is accompanied by the existence of actual ancient peoples. Aside from ancient history, the colonial stories of the first settles has inspired many movies, having a romantic appeal to some. Both of these make for a very fertile ground for conducting interesting research.

When conducting any research studies, one must be careful to select a good topic, this can often make the difference between success and failure. A topic must be interesting, practical and also relevant to the concerns of the public. The following is a list of interesting Us history research paper topics for you consideration:

  1. Determine the value of still standing, colonial American buildings today.
  2. How important were the customs of the pilgrims to the development of the nation state.
  3. How did the eradication of slavery affect the economics of the country?
  4. What is the meaning behind the thanksgiving holiday?
  5. What role did Walter Raleigh play to help establish American colonies?
  6. What are the remnant of the American revolution that can be observed today
  7. The main reason behind the start of the American revolution.
  8. What caused the events at the battle of bunker hill?
  9. Is the original draft of the bill of rights, still relevant today?
  10. How could the interaction between Europeans and the native Americans been handled better?
  11. Why are Americans so stubborn about their rights to bear arms?
  12. Did any runaway slaves live to enjoy freedom?
  13. How is the U.S constitution different from that of other, developing nations at the time?
  14. During the Whiskey revolution, were any heroes or great men created as a result?
  15. How badly were women rights affected by the church of early, colonial America?
  16. America is famous for being frontier land, are their any unexplored frontiers left to explore in America?
  17. What are the origins of the feminist groups that exist today and what role did they play in affecting the rights of women in America?
  18. During the civil war, did any racial tensions develop that continue to persist today among Americans?
  19. How did the civil war affect the development of Texas as a major state in the U.S?
  20. Was the U.S conscription act any different from communist countries requiring males to enlist in the army?
  21. Does the separation that identified the confederates from the union army still exist today?

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