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A Great Sample Outline: Using The MLA Format For Research Paper Writing:

How should you do it?

Most people never make an outline when they are writing an essay, and then when they get it back they wonder why they got such a low grade. Since their thoughts were not organized and the format was sloppy they got what they deserved. If only they had made an outline before writing, their thought would have been in order and the content would have been where it needed to be in order to ensure a passing grade. A paper written in MLA format is one of the most common types of format used in the literature world and once you have learned it, it is very hard to forget it.

Tips for your MLA outline:

  • Consider writing your outline in full sentences, then when you go to write your paper, your writing is pretty much done
  • Start your outline off with the thesis, or the topic of your essay
  • Make sure the pages of your outline are numbered with small roman numerals
  • The name of the writer and the number of the page should be in the top right hand corner, about 1/2” from the top of the page

Example of an MLA outline:

  • Thesis
    1. State the topic of your paper
    2. Mention where you stand
    3. Summarize the points you are going to cover

  • Main point one
    1. Fact one for point one
    2. Fact two for point one
    3. Fact three for point one

  • Main point two
    1. Fact one for point two
    2. Fact two for point two
    3. Fact three for point two

  • Main point three
    1. Fact one for point three
    2. Fact two for point three
    3. Fact three for point three

  • Conclusion
    1. Restate the main idea of your essay
    2. Summarize the three different points you had
    3. Restate where you stand on the topic of essay
    4. Make sure your audience clearly understands what your point of the essay was

Next time you are given an essay to write, follow this outline and you will be sure to receive a passing grade and our teacher will amazed with your talents and well thought out essay with such amazing structure and organization. And trust me once you get this format down, it comes naturally and next time you are assigned a paper to write you won’t really have to think about it.


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