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Essential Rules Of Creating An MLA Format Paper Title Page

When you are writing a research paper in the MLA format, it does not usually require that a title page be created for the written paper but in most cases, your tutor would want you to add that cover page. In this case, it is important that you compose your cover or title page in such a way that it would look professional. Some tutors would give specific ideas on what they expect from you as regards the cover page while others won’t. If you find yourself in such situation where you have no clue as to how you should create your MLA format paper title page, here are essential rules you should keep to mind. They are as follows:

  • Properly Align The Title: The title of your research paper’s title page should be typed at one third of the page, making sure the words are properly capitalized following the standard capitalization rules. This means that the first letter of each word making up the title should be in capital letters, except for prepositions.
  • Avoid Punctuations: Some students make the mistake of including quotation marks in the title of their academic papers, others even go as far as underlining or typing their titles in italics. The only time you can italicize is when you are including the title of a written work. For example, if your research paper about Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet, contains the name of the play then Hamlet should be typed in italics.
  • Give Adequate Spaces: After each information line on the title page of your research paper in MLA format, you should give adequate spaces before you start the next line. For example, after typing the title of the paper, you should leave 2 or 3 lines before typing the next line.
  • Write Your Name Properly: You should make sure your name is properly written. You should include not just your first name but your last name too.
  • Don’t Forget The Course Information: Apart from typing the course name, you can also include course code and section number.
  • Include The Name Of The Instructor: In doing this, make sure you know the instructor’s title, especially if he or she is a doctorate degree holder. This means that you should include the prefix Dr. before typing the instructor’s names.
  • Include The Date: This follows on the research paper’s title after the instructor’s name has been written. In the MLA format, you are to type the day first and followed by the month and year.

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