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Common Parts Of A Good Research Paper: An Academic Tutorial

Writing research paper is a common thing for students who are studying in high school and college level. The topic for research papers depends upon various subjects they choose. Normally they are done for science as well as social subjects. In most of the schools and colleges, teachers ask students to write research papers. They need to find the topics by themselves.

Selecting a good topic is one of the most important things while writing a paper. If you are finding the topic yourself then you can select from social relevant issues, movies, technology, social media, novels, history etc. It is better to select from the topics that you have passion so that you can easily write on such topics.

Some students try to fabricate the contents on their research papers. It is bad trend and will affect the quality of it. Always keep originality in the content and never add things which are not related to the topic. On academic level, the topics might be little bit tougher. In such cases, you need to seek advice from teachers or faculties from other departments. Even though you can get many information about unknown topics from the internet, but the knowledge you will get from books is incomparable. So make sure to collect data from various books related to the topic. Also, it is important to consult veritable resources only.

Few tips to write a good research paper for academic purpose:

  • After getting a suitable topic, search about the topic from all kind of sources like websites, books, encyclopedias, interviews etc. Collect information from all kind of sources and club all the needed ones. You can also take reference from people who have done research on the same area.
  • Always visit library and books. If possible try to visit libraries from other schools and colleges. The knowledge you will get from those books will be very helpful while writing the paper.
  • Internet is an ocean of knowledge. You will get lots of information about the topic from search engines, blogs, social Medias, journals etc.
  • Give proper annotation, outline and abstract to your paper. It is one of the important things to make your paper attractive and readable. Keep the paragraphs short and simple.
  • The goal of the paper should be mentioned in the initial pages itself. The writing style of the paper should be based on the target audience.

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