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Philosophy Term Paper Topics: Modern Schools And Trends

Your ideas will inevitably affect your behaviour. For this reason, studying philosophies and ideas is an integral part of a society’s ability to think. For some categorical ideas on your next philosophy term paper, contemplate using one of these original topics that are currently trending.

  • Philosophy of first conception: The abortion issue
  • The perception of when a child is conceived in the womb will affect your position on the morality of abortion. Discuss this from a philosophical point of view and add loads of evidence for both sides of this argument.

  • Philosophy of feminism: Its implications on our children
  • Decades later the feminist issue is still on the minds of many. How we raise our children on this issue will determine how they view women and themselves. Scrutinize this issue for your term paper by discussing the implications—whether good or bad—feminist philosophy has had on society.

  • Religious philosophy: Slavery in the Bible
  • An element that many take issue with is the concept of slavery in the Bible. Look at this issue in its intended context and discuss reasons why so many people are opposed to it.

  • Who are our modern day philosophers: A deeper look at the ideals of Steve Jobs
  • Pick a famous contemporary figure such as Nelson Mandela, Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, Robert Kiyosaki, or Donald Trump; and analyze their ethical and societal philosophies. The quotes of these icons will one day be just as popular as those of Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, and Francis Bacon. Discuss the new patterns of thought that are being formed by our modern day philosophers.

  • Physics philosophy: The cause and effect law visible in thinking
  • Positive thinking is certainly trending right now across all areas of belief systems. Analyze this philosophy and find out if there is any truth to positive thinking as a means to success. Ask why this belief is catching on so quickly and whether the effect (success) really matches the cause (positive thoughts).

  • The philosophers William James and Charles Pierce: A deeper look at pragmatism
  • Integrate the historical figures who purported pragmatism and work this philosophy into a more modern setting. Your term paper should stay trendy by highlighting the effects of pragmatism today, but at the same time not deviate from the influence these two philosophers had on this way of thinking.


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